The Easy Way To Robotics

Manual & Examples

Operation References v3.1

Operation References - How to use EASY-ROB™

pdfoperation-references.pdf (4.19 mb)

Special Functions & PlugIns

pdfoperation-references-functions-plugins.pdf (1.7 mb)


ERCL - EASY-ROB™ Command Language

pdfeasy-rob-erpl_eng.pdf (885.95 kb)

ERPL/ERCL - Examples

The following examples will demonstrate how to use the ERPL- and ERCL language commands.
Unpack zip file and load work cells from folder "/Proj_example_erpl".
This can be done as well with the EASY-ROB™ DEMO (1.98 mb)


Below Zip file contains all EASY-ROB update descriptions, the Trainlib Tutorial and Operation References as Pdf files, as well as the EASY-ROB Index to quickly find the information you are looking for.
The numbers in each column indicate the page number in the document or chapter.
Just unpack the zip file.
  • (23.5 mb)

  • ERC Searcher

    The ERC Command Searcher will support the user to search for a specific ERC command in the example library “Proj_example_erpl”.
    Unzip the Zip-file and place the executable “easyrob-erc-command-searcher.exe” in the folder “./Proj_example_erpl”.
  • (26 kb)
  • Training

    The Training library and the Tutorial will support the user on the first steps in EASY-ROB from an empty workcell to the simulation.
  • TrainLib-Tutorial_eng.pdf
  • (671 kb)

  • ApplicationDEMOLib

    Library with examples from different applications like welding, spotwelding, handling, painting, cutting, NC and press simulation.
  • (44.1 MB)

  • AutoPath Example

    Example workcells and documentation for the collision free path planning.
  • (0.5 MB)

  • VRML Examples

    The examples will demonstrate how to import VRML II,97-files into EASY-ROB™ and how to optimize them to get a good performance in the simulation.
    The import of VRML II,97-files from the CAD systems CATIA, ProEngineer, Solid Works and Solid Edge are described in detail.
  • (10 mb)

  • CAD-Import Examples

    Four CAD examples in Step, Iges, Vrml and JT-Open format are converted into the IGP format using
    EASY-ROB™ CAD Data Import option.
  • (9.58 mb)