The Easy Way To Robotics

CAD Data Import

EASY-ROB™ allows importing nearly all available 3D CAD data generated by different CAD-Systems.
In this conjunction we access powerful tools with a good price ratio performance and the ability to export STL, 3DS or IGP.
EASY-ROB™ CAD2ER allows to import and to convert the neutral STEP (AP203, AP214), Iges and VRML II,97 Data format.
CAD2ER Converter
Individual adaptation of imported CAD geometry. Here its possible to change the tessellation, which helps in particular with detailed and „big“ geometries, to achieve adequate simulations speeds.

When importing assemblies, device files are created automatically at the same time. Finally single components can be individual disabled or deleted.

Standard neutral CAD Interface

  • STL (ascii, binary, binary colored)
  • 3DS
  • IGP
  • VRML II,97

Optional neutral CAD Interface

  • VRML II,97 (CAD2ER)
Modifying the number of polygons to increase performance
coarse 23.337 polygons
normal 35.692 polygons
fine 67.470 polygons