The Easy Way To Robotics

FAMOS robotic®

FAMOS robotic is a streamlined offline programming system. The software package FAMOS robotic® V8 enables the efficient and simple programming of industrial robots of many brands.

FAMOS robotic® is developed by carat robotic GmbH and uses the EASY-ROB™ Robotics Simulation Kernel. With carat we have a long term and successful partner ship. The result is a powerful and yet easy-to-use simulation environment.

With FAMOS robotic® the programs are created related to the CAD model. There is a mathematic relation between the CAD Data and the robot path.

FAMOS robotic®, Painting
FAMOS robotic® expects a certain connection between the robots path and the CAD components, i.e. that the robot path is running along an edge of a shape or directly on the surface of the shape. Depending on the selection mode FAMOS robotic® is suggesting the right path. You only have to confirm and the path is taken.

CAD Data
FAMOS robotic® can process files of common CAD-Systems on the market. The standard exchange file formats STEP(AP203 and AP214), VDAFS und IGES as well as the ACIS SAT and Parasolid XT files formats are supported. ProENGINEER® and Wildfire® files can be used natively and without loss.

FAMOS robotic® can import CAD data from all established CAD-systems. Standard interfaces like STEP (AP203 and AP214), VDA-FS and IGES are supported as well as ACIS SAT and PARASOLID XT. ProEngineer® and Wildfire® data can be processed native.
Optional available are filters to import CATIA® V4 and V5 data and UNIGRAPHICS®.

In former times usually all robot programs were programmed related to a fixture. That means that the program can be started earliest with the first fixture. With FAMOS robotic® you can start creating the robot program during the construction of the fixture, and you might instruct the manufacturer of the fixture to build it to avoid disadvantages later. After the fixture has arrived the program can be implemented and tested immediately.

Post processor for ABB, b+m, Fanuc, KUKA, STÄUBLI und MOTOMAN are available. Other post processors can be implemented on request. A plug-In interface allows the user develop and implement the own post processor.
Within one project the user can use any number of robots.

FAMOS robotic® enables you to test your planned process under real conditions. The Simulation test will be done by the integrated EASY-ROB™ Simulation Kernel.
Using the real CAD data of the product, the tool and the robot you can check the feasibility of your project before any money is spent for the equipment.
If needed, changes of the product and the fixture can be forwarded to the design resources in order to achieve the feasibility.

System requirements
FAMOS robotic® is a 32-bit Windows® application and runs on desktop and notebook PCs with Windows® XP up to Windows® 7 64-Bit.
Famos robotic® V8 requires a graphic adapter (NVIDIA® PCIE 16x graphics card with OpenGL 2.1 support and 512 MB of memory) with support for OpenGL 2.1 or better.
Program management