The Easy Way To Robotics

Hardware & system requirements

EASY-ROB™ will run on an IBM compatible Pentium PCs with Microsoft Windows® 7, 8.1, 10 with at least 4096 MB of RAM installed (8192 MB RAM is recommended).

We recommend a three button mouse for better navigation.

EASY-ROB™ supports the 3D Mouse (Space Mouse) from 3DConnexion. The three dimensional navigation through your robotics plants is in a much more intuitive and natural way.

Graphic acceleration cards can really boost application performance. We recommend the nVIDIA GeForce or ATI grafics cpu with the OpenGL 2.0 driver installed and 1024 MB VRAM.
Intel-OnBoard grafics cards are not recommended.

EASY-ROB™ can also be installed and used on notebooks. For desk top PCs a 19" or 22" monitor is recommended.

To check if EASY-ROB™ will run on your PC just download the demo version and try it.
Windows® 7,8.1,10 64-Bit
at least 4096 MB RAM
nVIDIA/ATI grafics cpu 512 MB
OpenGL 2.0
3DConnexion Space Explorer
3DConnexion Space Navigator