The Easy Way To Robotics

Robot Libraries

All common robots from well known brands like ABB, b+m, Comau, Denso, Eisenmann, Fanuc, Guedel, igm, Kawasaki, Kuka, Mitsubishi, Yaskawa, OTC-Daihen, Reis, Stäubli, Tricept, Unimation, Universal Robots are available in EASY-ROB’s™ Robot Libraries.
Additional robots, machines, tools and handling systems can easily and quickly be reconstructed virtually inside the EASY-ROB™ application.

... more than 1000 robots available
... complete Robotlib for ABB, Kuka, Yaskawa, Fanuc, Staubli*)

All models containing information on axes, axes speeds, axes acceleration, offsets and rotational directions according to the manufacturers technical specifications.

In order to achieve realistic simulation results the attributes can be modified to fit the circumstances and requirements. Edits made during the simulation can be saved as new robot models.

Missing robots can be modelled by the operator with EASY-ROB™ or we can create them for you upon request. For your special kinematic needs we offer our service.

*) Articulated Robots

Optional Robot Libraries

These robot libraries require the purchase of a license. Without the license the robots can be moved only by axes.
  • EASY-ROB™ ABB Robot Library
  • EASY-ROB™ Fanuc Robot Library
  • EASY-ROB™ Kuka Robot Library
  • EASY-ROB™ Yaskawa Robot Library
  • EASY-ROB™ PKM-Delta Robot Library
  • EASY-ROB™ Stäubli Robot Library
  • EASY-ROB™ Tricept® Robot Library

Standard Robot Libraries

The following "standard" robot libraries are included with the
EASY-ROB™ - Multi-Robot Version
EASY-ROB™ - Single-Robot Version
EASY-ROB™ - DLL Version
EASY-ROB™ - Robotics Simulation Kernel