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3D-PDF Export with Animation

The new EASY-ROB Plug-In "3D-PDF Export" allows to save the complete workcell simulation into one 3D PDF file with animation and to open it with the free Adobe® Reader XI.
You can start, pause and stop the simulation in Adobe® Reader, set the perspective arbitrarily, fast forward and rewind, as well as decelerate and accelerate the simulation speed.
3D-Pdf Export
Workcell Simulation in EASY-ROB™ => Motion sequence in Adobe® Reader XI


  • Recording of a complete simulation or single 3D scenes in one PDF document
  • Easy navigation through the 3D scene in Adobe® Reader
  • Full control of the motion sequence, Start, Pause, Stop, Fast forward and rewind
  • Decelerating and accelerating the simulation speed
  • Labels to select individual simulation sections
  • Show or hide individual components and devices (robots, gripper)
  • Changing the parts Render Mode
  • Add dimensions and comments


  • Fast and easy presentation and disclosure of simulation concepts
  • Installation and Maintenance Instructions
  • Documentation
  • Education and Training Material
  • Improved understanding of the product to the customer
  • Only the Adobe® Reader XI is required

Plug-In Versions

  • Dialog box (Start, Pause, Stop)
  • Flexible control over ERCL commands
  • class ER_CAPI, API-Functions (C/C++)
  • Available as SDK for Integration into your own software solution, independent form EASY-ROB™