The Easy Way To Robotics


3D Visualization for Industry
The powerful EASY-ROB™ VISU is designed for integration into technology-based software applications. Finally, visualize processes, display problems, or just let your customers and colleagues see the new project-

With EASY-ROB™ VISU, Industry 4.0 starts in your own software solution!

More than 1000 times in use –

Now finally free available! Thanks to the open software architecture EROSA, EASY-ROB™ VISU is now available


  • OpenGL™ Engine - Robust graphics engine based on the OpenGL™ graphics library
  • AVI Recorder - Integrated creation of video files in many resolutions
  • API - C/C++ und C# Method class ERVisu_CAPI
  • Mathematics - Method class for math. calculations, e.g. of homogeneous matrices, Conversion of angles, triangle calculation and formula parser etc.
  • Measuring Tools - Position, distance, diameter etc.
  • Integration - Detailed doxygen documentation
  • Programming examples - for MS Visual Studio® C/C++ und C#
  • Camera function - Static / movable and freely positionable as often as required
  • CAD Import - CAD files import and export, Modeling of simple parameterizable 3D geometries


  • Price performance advantage by self-development
  • High performance with low hardware requirements
  • Technology-based software solutions
  • No dedicated memory required
  • Free placement of the OpenGL™ window
  • Available for Windows® 32- and 64-Bit

Application possibilities

  • Animation and simulation
  • Advertising and sales
  • Displaying of sensor data
  • Real-time connection
  • Positioning of geometries
  • Industry-independent


This API exports the method class ERVisu_CAPI.

We recommend Microsoft® Visual Studio C++. C++ Builder and Delphi are possible as well.

For the individual implementation we provide service and support.


  • EASY-ROB™ can be started several times on the same PC
  • Hardware related licensing method (PC-connected)
  • Optional WIBU-KEY USB-Dongle *)
    PC-independent licensing method


  • Robots - loading and visualizazion of robots/devices (Item No.: opv01)
  • Pathes & Tags - create, save, load and visualization of pathes and tag Points (Item No.: opv02)
*) optional available, not belonging part in this described item

Item No.: erv01

Integration Examples