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EASY-ROB Simulate Single-Robot Version

EASY-ROB™ allows to plan robot work cells, check reachability, collision and travel ranges and to estimate cycle times, with the goal to increase planning reliability and to reduce start up times.

EASY-ROB™ Simulate Single-Robot Version provides the basic range of functionality.
  • For robot work cells with one “robot”.
    A robot has got at least 4axis and is able to move to a cartesian target (Tags). Kinematics such as gripper, positioner and/or conveyors can be loaded without limits, mounted to each other and simulated.
  • A work cell can load one program to one device. This program controls all loaded devices in the work cell, one after the other and not simultaneously.

EASY-ROB™ Simulate Single-Robot, Robot on a linear Track

Robot - Libraries

  • Standard Robot Libraries
    adept / b+m / Denso / Eisenmann VarioRobots / Güdel / igm / Kawasaki /Manz-Automation / Mitsubishi / OTC-Daihen / Unimation
  • Modeling of own specific robots, positioner, gripper, turn tables and user defined kinematics
    Attributes i.e. Travel ranges, max. speeds and accelerations. Formula Parser with mathematical functions. Numerical Solver for inverse kinematics for individual robots.
  • Optional Robot Libraries *)

CAD Data Import and -Export

  • Modeling of simple parameterize 3D geometries, such as Cubes, Spheres, Cone, Cylinder
  • Standard-CAD-Data-Import
    IGP / STL ascii and binary / 3DS / VRML I + II,97
  • CAD-Data Standard-Export
    STL binary, VRML II,97 and IGP Part file
  • Optional CAD-Data-Import *)
    Neutral Interfaces: STEP

Layout planning

  • Creating of unlimited paths, containing unlimited number of target locations (TAG Points). Each Path can be mounted to geometries or kinematics devices, to define the process. The devices will be located afterwards to satisfy specific requirements such as reachability.
  • Quick exchange of robots and kinematics devices
  • Monitoring of accessibility, travel ranges, speeds and accelerations
  • Hierarchical collision detection with tolerances
  • Individual measurement functions, to measure distances and circles

Simulation - Programming of work cells

  • ERPL EASY-ROB™ Program Language
    Language with robot motion commands to create a motion program Digital signals and variables for program synchronization Formula Parser with mathematical functions
  • ERCL EASY-ROB™ Command Language
    Language with simulation commands to enable collision, the TCP trace etc.
  • History Diagram
    Detailed protocol with graphical output to examine and document simulation results. Export as jpg or bmp - file
  • Camera Function
    Miscellaneous positioning of a camera in the work cell for an individual process view

Project administration

  • Device Manager
    Administrates robots, devices, parts, fixtures and tools, which are stored with an image and a short description.
  • Project Manager
    Data base with visualization for custom specific archiving of work cells.


  • Creating of Video files (AVI) and animated VRML-Sequences
  • Optional available: „RunTime“ *)
    to create protected work cells. This allows loading and simulating existing work cells with the free
    EASY-ROB™ - Viewer Version for presentation purposes for example.

User panel and Licensing

  • Intuitive user panel
  • ERC Searcher
    Easy search function for EASY-ROB™ program commands in existing project examples
  • EASY-ROB™ can be started several times on the same PC
  • Hardware related licensing method (PC-connected)
  • Optional WIBU-KEY USB-Dongle *)
    PC-independent licensing method
  • Optional available: License Manager *)
    to organize administrate multiple EASY-ROB™ licenses

System requirements

  • EASY-ROB™ runs on an IBM compatible Pentium PCs with Microsoft Windows® XP SP3, Windows® Vista Business and Windows® 7 Professional Ultimate & Enterprise
    more System requirements


Free EASY-ROB Viewer

  • The EASY-ROB™ Viewer allows to simulate existing work cells. The right tool for presentation, marketing and sales.
  • EASY-ROB™ Viewer


  • The EASY-ROB™ demo give you a hands-on experience of the capabilities of our EASY-ROB™ products. It will help to evaluate your individual requirements.
*) optional available, not belonging part in this described item

Item No.: er_sw01

EASY-ROB™ EXE Version Flyer


EASY-ROB™ Single-Robot
EASY-ROB™ Single-Robot
EASY-ROB™ Device Manager
EASY-ROB™ Project Manager
EASY-ROB™ History Diagram
Collision Distance 0.0 and 5.0 mm