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EASY-ROB Robotics Simulation Kernel

The Robotics-Booster for your Application
You need professional robotics functionality?
The EASY-ROB™ Robotics Simulation Kernel (available as 32- and 64-Bit Version) is the right answer.

The Kernel offers immediatly more than 1000 robots for kinematics calculations, as well as a trajectory planner (motion interpolation) for different PTP-, SLEW-, LIN- and CIRC-movements. A powerful collision detection is available as well. Additionally functions for some useful math calculation are supplied.

The purpose of the EASY-ROB™ Robotics Simulation Kernel is the same as the EASY-ROB™ DLL Version: to be integrated in technology based software application (host application) developed by OEM Partners. The Kernel provides only API-functions and services for robotics functionality. The host application is in charge for the 3D visualization and the administration of all geometries and handles of all kinematics. The EASY-ROB™ Robotics Simulation Kernel supplies a handle for every loaded kinematics.

A Trial License can be requested here .

Robot Kinematics

  • Load existing EASY-ROB™ robots, devices, tools, etc.
  • All standard and optional robots *) available
  • Forward transformation
  • Inverse coordinate transformation
  • Access to all robot axis coordinate systems


  • Integration in own applications
  • Bidirectional control of the Kernel
  • Robotics Know-How
  • Kinematics calculation
  • Motion planning: Path planning and execution
  • Robot Libraries
  • Collision detection with tolerances
  • 3D Visualization in host application
  • Available on Window® as 32- und 64 Bit Library

Motion planning and -execution

  • Tool leading movement
  • Workpiece leading movement (ext. Tcp)
  • Track Motion
  • Conveyor Tracking
  • Tracking Windows
  • External positioner
  • Wait
  • Automatic reduction of the speed
  • Cycle time estimation
The API-Functions and methods respectively services are ajar to the RRS-Interface (Realistic Robot Simulation) description.

This API is available in two version. The first original version provides Standard ANSI-C compatible Functions. The second version wraps these functions and exports the method class ERK_CAPI, which gives a better structure and is easier to use.

Online Documentation
Example Documentation.pdf (pdf 1.4 mb)
class ERK_CAPI (doxygen online documentation)
EASY-ROB Robotics Simulation Kernel.chm (compiled html file 1.71 mb)
Flyer: EASY-ROB Robotics Simulation Kernel

We recommend Microsoft® Visual Studio C++. C++ Builder and Delphi are possible as well.

For the individual implementation we provide service and support.


  • EASY-ROB™ can be started several times on the same PC
  • Hardware related licensing method (PC-connected)
  • Optional WIBU-KEY USB-Dongle *)
    PC-independent licensing method


*) optional available, not belonging part in this described item

Item No.: er_sw06


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