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The EASY-ROB™ DLL Version is a robotics SDK (Plugin) and allows the integration of the EASY-ROB™ functionality into technology based software application (host application) developed by OEM Partners. Using available API-Functions or the exported method class ER_CAPI, the EASY-ROB™ DLL can be controlled completely form the host application.

The EASY-ROB™ DLL starts as an OpenGL™ window without a title, a menu, toolbars and without status bar and can be placed by using Window-handles anywhere in your application.

Existing work cells, robots, device, robot assemblies, tool etc. can be loaded, connected and controlled by using the API. The complete robotics functionality is available. In case of collisions or exceeding of travel ranges while simulation, EASY-ROB™ will report the events to the host application.

Die EASY-ROB™ DLL Version contains the capabilities of the Single- and Multi-Robot Version, plus the option API-UserDLL (Item No.: er_api04).

The application areas for the EASY-ROB™ DLL are versatile.
Due to EROSA (EASY-ROB™ Open Software Architecture) it is today already suitable as an open simulation interface for industry 4.0.

For the use of the EASY-ROB™ DLL we recommend Microsoft® Visual C++ Compiler. (use of C++ Builder with reservations)

For the individual implementation we provide service and support.

A Trial License can be requested here .


  • Integration in own applications
  • Bidirectional control of EASY-ROB™ with more than 700 API-Functions (ER_CAPI)
  • Positioning of OpenGL™ Window inside the own application
  • Robotics Know-How and Robot Libraries available
  • Collision detection with tolerances
  • AutoPath™ collision free path planning
  • Available on Window® as 32- und 64 Bit Library
EASY-ROB™ DLL Version Design
"EROSA" (EASY-ROB™ Open Software Architecture) Design
EROSA, Online Documentation
class ER_CAPI
EASY-ROB API.chm (compiled html file 1.57 mb)
Flyer: EASY-ROB DLL Version

We recommend Microsoft® Visual C++.

For the individual implementation we provide service and support.

Robot - Libraries

  • Standard Robot Libraries
    adept / b+m / Denso / Eisenmann VarioRobots / Güdel / igm / Kawasaki /Manz-Automation / Mitsubishi / OTC-Daihen / Unimation
  • Modeling of own specific robots, positioner, gripper, turn tables and user defined kinematics
    Attributes i.e. Travel ranges, max. speeds and accelerations. Formula Parser with mathematical functions. Numerical Solver for inverse kinematics for individual robots.
  • Optional Robot Libraries *)

CAD Data Import and -Export

  • Modeling of simple parameterize 3D geometries, such as Cubes, Spheres, Cone, Cylinder
  • Standard-CAD-Data-Import
    IGP / STL ascii and binary / 3DS / VRML I + II,97
  • CAD-Data Standard-Export
    STL binary, VRML II,97 and IGP Part file
  • Optional CAD-Data-Import *)
    Neutral Interfaces: STEP


  • EASY-ROB™ can be started several times on the same PC
  • Hardware related licensing method (PC-connected)
  • Optional WIBU-KEY USB-Dongle *)
    PC-independent licensing method
  • Optional available: License Manager *)
    to organize administrate multiple EASY-ROB™ licenses

System requirements

  • EASY-ROB™ runs on an IBM compatible Pentium PCs with Microsoft Windows® XP SP3, Windows® Vista Business and Windows® 7 Professional Ultimate & Enterprise
    more System requirements


*) optional available, not belonging part in this described item

Item No.: er_sw05

Integration Examples

EASY-ROB™ DLL Version Flyer


Eurobot Control Station, EADS astrium
Eurobot Control Station, EADS astrium
Quindos with I++ Simulator, Messtechnik Wetzlar, Hexagon Metrology
Quindos with I++ Simulator
Quindos with I++ Simulator, Hexagon Metrology PTS GmbH