The Easy Way To Robotics

Good planning saves time

EASY-ROB™ is a planning and simulation software for manufacturing plants with robot work cells. All processes and movement sequences for example, handling, assembly, coating and sealing with one or with multiple robots (Single-/Multi Robot Version) can be programmed with EASY-ROB™ and are instantly visualized within a 3d scenario.

Your benefits

  • Tool to quickly test automation ideas/concepts
  • Cost efficient feasibility studies
  • Increase the reliability
  • Protect investment
  • Reduce commissioning time

Ranges of application

  • Layout and planning of robot work cells
  • Check reachability, collisions and travel ranges
  • Analyze and estimate cycle-time
  • Offline programming
  • Marketing and sales support
  • Tool for training and education
  • Feasibility testing, proof of concept for development of new machinery
  • Custom product development (API - Application Program Interface)
  • Integration of custom mathematical methods and solutions (API)

EASY-ROB™ Multi-Robot, Spot Welding Application


You do not need any sophisticated high end equipment to run EASY-ROB™. The software is a 32- and 64-bit application designed for use with a standard Windows® PC and will operate on Microsoft Windows with the OpenGL graphic library.