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Project Partners

With our projekt partners we provide individual knowlegde to realize innovative applications.
BIBA Univ. Bremen
Intelligent Production and Logistics Systems
Hochschulring 20
D-28359 Bremen
Netzwerk GMA
Handwerkskammer Münster
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- Prozessinnovation
- Weiterbildung
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Netzwerk GMA
48151 Münster, Germany
Handwerkskammer Münster
48151 Münster, Germany
Teconsult Precision Robotics
Measurement and calibration of industrial robots with ROSY.

ROSY (Robot Optimization SYstem) increases the pose accuracy of industrial robots. Particularly for off-line programming, exchangeability and high precision tasks the calibration is definitely required.

Dr. Lukas Beyer
D-20539 Hamburg, Germany
"Innovative Logistik Solutions"
iProg Exponat DePalettize, BIBA, Bremen and EASY-ROB™.
It was never so easy to program a robot.
Using a Tracking-System the cartesian position for each box is detected. With EASY-ROB™s help the user has the complete control if the boxes can be grabbed with the robot. When all boxes are detected the depallatizing program will be generated automatically and the program starts immediatly.
EASY-ROB™ will verify all motions, checks for travel ranges and collisions for example.
There is not any knowledge about robotics necessary.